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Online Diabetes Supplier Mini Pharmacy Offers First and Only Diabetic Energy Drink

ReStore Energy is the Breakthrough Energy Drink Formula with No Caffeine, No Sugar, No Stimulants and Less Than 1% Carbs That Provides People with Type I and Type II Diabetes Energy to Be Active and to Get Through Their Day.

Los Angeles, CA- Aug 10, 2009—Los Angeles-based diabetes testing supplier Mini Pharmacy launches the distribution of the first and only Diabetes energy drink created specifically for Diabetics to address their number one complaint: fatigue. The energy drink, ReStore Energy, is formulated to provide sufferers of Type I and Type II diabetes enough energy to remain active throughout their day. ReStore Energy was developed in coordination with pharmacists, dieticians, nutritionists and certified diabetes educators.

Available in a refreshing Lemon Lime flavor, ReStore Energy is a patent pending formula of a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and additional nutrients, plus three times the number of electrolytes of the most popular sports drinks. Using chromium picolinate and biotin, ReStore Energy may also assist in regulating blood sugar levels and has a low Glycemic Index. Traditional energy drinks and coffee have been shown to be harmful to diabetics—ReStore Energy offers balanced energy without the spikes and crashes because it has no caffeine, no sugar, no stimulants and few carbs.

All ReStore Energy ingredients have been well-studied by the FDA and are recognized as dietary supplements considered “Generally Regarded as Safe,” (G.R.A.S. list). ReStore Energy is marketed under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.

Kitty Castellini, President and CEO of Diabetes Living Today, a leading radio program that helps diabetics live better by providing information and insights said, “The very first energy drink designed for Diabetics! What a great concept to be able to finally have a new and wonderful product on the market that’s not loaded with carbs.” She went on to say, “Being an active person and a daily energy drink person for several years myself, I was amazed by what I found in ReStore Energy. The taste alone is pure pleasure and it has a wonderful aroma and color. I find that after drinking ReStore! Energy I have the energy to go all day. I should also mention the cooling sensation that my body feels from drinking it. I rate this product five stars out of five and a must for anyone living with diabetes.”

Diabetes is a disease currently affecting 24 million people who have been diagnosed and approximately 55 million who are in a pre-diabetic condition. For many of these people with diabetes, particularly those with type II diabetes, persistent fatigue is a constant complaint. According to a 2007 survey of 8,000 people with diabetes, approximately 85% of respondents reported that fatigue was their number one complaint. When asked how they dealt with their fatigue, 17% of respondents said they do nothing, 31% drink water, 23% drink coffee, 6% drink energy drinks and 23% drink sodas and diet sodas. Now, with the introduction of ReStore Energy, there’s a quick and effective way for diabetics and pre-diabetics to experience balanced, long-lasting energy and stamina to help them through their daily routines.

Many diabetics describe their persistent fatigue as living with a constant hangover. Excess sugar in their blood stream, often compounded by weight problems and dehydration, contributes to frequent fatigue. Left untreated, fatigue can lead to a continuing decline in the quality of life for many diabetics.

At approximately $200 billion per annum, treating diabetes is one of the highest healthcare costs in the country and was recently targeted by the government for cost reductions. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases and affects every ethnic and socio-economic group.

Diabetics are unable to produce or utilize insulin efficiently to convert glucose into energy. As a result, the vast majority of diabetics suffer from various degrees of fatigue. Healthcare professionals universally recommend exercise as a primary means to help insulin work more efficiently and control blood sugar levels. This is viewed as a critical preventative measure in helping to improve the physical well-being of diabetics and correspondingly a key component in reducing the cost of treating diabetes. With systemic fatigue, exercise can be a daunting undertaking for diabetics and a “Catch 22” as they are too tired to exercise and without exercise they remain fatigued. ReStore Energy is an affordable, fast-acting and effective way for diabetics to immediately counter persistent fatigue and gain the energy and stamina necessary to get through their daily routines.

ReStore Energy is a powder formulation sold as easy-to-carry, tear-away, air-tight individual serving packs that are poured into a glass of 10-12 ounces of fresh water. It dissolves instantly into a quickly-absorbed, refreshing, effervescent and great tasting drink that can be carried anywhere and enjoyed at anytime. A box of 14 servings is available for $13.99.

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